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About 40% of vendors & sellers do not use Amazon PPC. Dype supports you as a trusted PPC agency. Based in Germany, Dype is known for long-term cooperations.

Based in Germany, Dype is known for long-term cooperations. We scaled multiple brands on Amazon to 7-figures.

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What we offer

Amazon SEO

Get to the top rankings on Amazon with us.

Amazon PPC

Achieve higher sales through Amazon Ads. We spend more than 500.000€ a year on Amazon PPC and know what will work for you!

Conversion Optimization

Through continuous A/B testing, we improve the conversion rates of your Amazon listings.

Amazon PPC Optimization

Depending on your budget, we can optimize your PPC structures on an ongoing or one-time basis.

DSP Strategy Development

The DSP advertising channel can be highly profitable. Together we develop a plan of action to successfully advertise on DSP.

Margin Calculation

We as a PPC agency should know your margins. Otherwise, losses are imminent. Therefore, every PPC support includes a comprehensive margin calculation to achieve a profit-optimized result.

Free Amazon Potential Analysis

We will take a close look at your Amazon listing free of charge and send you a potential analysis!

Your advantages with Amazon PPC

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  • Increase your brand awareness: Increase your brand awareness: Reach millions of Amazon customers without building organic rankings, also known as Amazon SEO.
  • Immediately increase sales: In as little as 48 hours, you can see the first results of the campaigns.
  • Increase your margins: Higher sales at minimal cost per order can significantly increase your margins.
  • Outperform competitors: Your competitors are reaching one of your customers with every sale. You can fight that through Amazon PPC.
  • Good organic SEO ranking: While content is becoming more and more important for the Google search engine, only one thing counts for Amazon: sales. Through PPC, you can therefore improve your organic rankings.
  • Individually adjustable: No minimum budget is required. We adjust the budget to your financial planning. Also, PPC ads on Amazon can be scaled as desired.

Case Studies

#CaseStudy 1 - Lowering the ACOS

The ACOS is often understood as a PPC target metric. We optimize for cost per order, which also optimizes ACOS and real profit.

ACOS Entwicklung bei Amazon PPC

#CaseStudy 2 - ROAS & More

PPC structures determine your Amazon success. With an ad spend of more than 2 million euros on Amazon, we know how it works.

ROAS bei Amazon PPC

More clicks. More conversions. More sales.

Develop an unbeatable map to the top of Amazon results with us.

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Are you sure that your listings still have potential to lift up?

Do you know what makes your products stand out from the competition?

You already achieve a turnover of at least 15,000€ per month via Amazon?

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Our References

At Dype, we focus on transparent collaboration. Our customers should understand what we do. Therefore, at the beginning of each collaboration, an individual workshop is held to explain our work and clarify questions. 

We act data-driven and create continuous feedback loops to gain new data and derive new measures from it.

This is how we equip your Amazon listing for a sustainably profitable future.

Official Partner

Jonas Zeppenfeld

Jonas Zeppenfeld

CEO / Amazon SEO & PPC Expert

We love helping businesses across a wide range of industries in order to achieve better rankings and more sales on Amazon.