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PPC Agency for Amazon

Amazon PPC is more important than ever in 2022!

No setup fee ✓
Performance Driven ✓
No contractual obligation ✓
Limited number of customers ✓
Leading Partner for Amazon Sellers – Seller, Vendor or Hybrid✓
Even for small brands – benefit from the Dype Start-Up Program ✓

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Free initial consultation

Our services

More than just PPC management

Our agency takes a full-service approach on a performance basis. For you, this means that a deep understanding of margins is essential, 24/7 availability, strategy and management consulting, and the long-term establishment of your brand.

“The team also thinks around corners. On such a dynamic marketplace as Amazon, one of the most important skills.”

Rafael - Founder WonderSmile Top-Seller Schallzahnbürsten

„Amazon PPC agencies are many. What makes Dype special?“


✔️ No long contract terms

✔️ Support of selected customer base – no mass support

✔️ Proof-of-Record – Own brands have already been successfully scaled. We know the pain points of sellers

✔️ Exclusive right – We serve a maximum of one customer per category

✔️ Fast communication channels via Slack or telephone


❌ Long contract terms. Opaque contract structures

❌ Mass care

❌ No exclusive right – Several companies from the same category are served

❌ slow communication channels

❌ 100% control of PPC campaigns through software

Brands that trust us

Our collaboration

Unverbindliche Anfrage

You send us a non-binding request so that we can get a rough overview of your brand.


Kick-Off Call

In the initial meeting, we get to know each other and get visual access to your Amazon PPC console. In this way, we can determine potentials and make a qualified statement about the actual situation. We also identify optimization strategies and define an action plan for the next steps to achieve the desired marketing goals. We are happy to sign an NDA in advance, of course!



The identified potentials are presented in the second interview. If we can offer an exclusive right, nothing stands in the way of cooperation.


Regelmäßiger Austausch

After signing the contract, you can start right away. The first few weeks may require multiple calls as we need to understand your products as well as your margins for efficient Amazon PPC management. In addition, we create monthly reports so that you and your entire team are informed about the current status. Only in this way can there be successful and long-term cooperation.


Part of our results

Top 20 in sonic toothbrushes ✅

We have already had a few product launches in the dype. But before the launch of the Wondersmile sonic toothbrush, we admittedly had a lot of respect, since

a) the top 15 bestseller rankings on Amazon are occupied by the big brands, such as Oral B or Philips

b) analyses via Amalyze or Helium10 have shown us that an „Oral B electric toothbrush“ is searched for almost twice as often as the keyword „sonic toothbrush“ itself. This may not sound surprising at first glance, but on Amazon, non-branded keywords usually have more search volume than brand-specific search queries.

How did we still make it into the Top20? 🚀

– The launch can also take „longer“ sometimes. Since the beginning of May we have been actively using PPC. Relevance was built up relatively quickly via product targeting campaigns. Still, scaling takes time.
– Focus on the right KPIs. In Launch, no brand needs an ACOS of 150%. What counts for us: ASAP break-even. Therefore, the cost per order (at PPC level) and the PPC conversion are relevant. This is the data that Amazon deliberately does not reveal🤫 (yes, evil insinuation).
– Communication & Content. A high PPC budget does not automatically lead to more sales. The communication as well as the content must lead to a corresponding conversion rate.
– Of course, there is also the fact that it is a class product!

Successfully scale low-margin consumer products on Amazon ✅☕

Successfully marketing coffee is a major challenge from both a financial and marketing perspective. There are many points that must be considered, including, for example:

– Very high CPCs through big brands with a lot of brand awareness among customers
– Coffee tax rate in Germany 💰

In order to improve the margin, we opted for vendor central at the beginning at Blankroast AG. Here the customer sells the goods to Amazon and „saves“ 15% of the sales fee. Amazon appears as a seller.

Initially, things went well until volume purchase requests with high discounts followed and wiped out the initially „good“ margin. We also did not have pricing sovereignty over the products, which had a huge impact on PPC performance.

Rising inflation and faltering supply chains ultimately forced us to return to Seller-Central and define the UK prices ourselves.

We achieve profitability, as with most consumer products, through savings subscriptions. The customer is acquired once „expensively“ and, in the best case, takes out a subscription. Enormously strong leverage, which can quickly assume an exponential curve 📈

FAQ – Frequently asked questions to us as Amazon PPC agency

What should an Amazon PPC agency cost?

Of course, the question about the pricing model of an Amazon PPC agency always comes up. Of course, we can only speak for ourselves here. For full-account support, we charge a monthly fixed fee and a profit-sharing fee. However, we are very flexible in the design and are guided by the preferences of our customers.

Do you also look after my competitors?

No, we only manage one brand per category. The reason for this is to avoid conflicts of interest.

Who will take care of my account?

As one of the few Amazon PPC agencies, you will always be supervised by the managing directors. Our CEOs Santhos and Jonas are always available as contact persons.

Do I already have to sell on Amazon?

Not necessarily. Since we see ourselves as a boutique agency and want to keep our client base as small as possible, we choose our clients carefully. Only if we see potential in the brand and the products do we enter into a cooperation. Whether your products are already listed on Amazon is less important.

What services do you provide besides Amazon PPC?

As a full-service agency, we provide not only Amazon PPC but also the entire catalog management, incl. Troubleshooting, Amazon SEO, conversion rate optimization, creation of product photos, videos, A+ content and much more. We offer you the all-round carefree package for Amazon.

Can you take care of us on the pan-European marketplaces as well?

Of course! As an Amazon PPC agency, we can help you sell your products on all European Amazon marketplaces.

Do you also accompany small brands?

Yes of course! It doesn’t matter if you’re already selling on Amazon or not. We help at all stages. In addition, we have launched our Start-Up Program. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What advertising budget should I expect?

This depends entirely on your product, competition and category. In an individual potential analysis we can define the initial advertising budget.

Do you have an off-shore team?

No, our team is located in Germany in the beautiful Sauerland region in Olpe.

What brand goals can be achieved with Amazon PPC campaigns?

Amazon PPC campaigns, also known as Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, can be used to achieve various brand goals. Some examples of possible brand goals that can be achieved with Amazon PPC campaigns are:

  • Increase traffic and visibility of products on Amazon
  • Increase in sales figures and turnover of products
  • Improve the placement of products in Amazon search results
  • Increase brand awareness and brand image

As an Amazon PPC agency, we specialize in working with you to determine your goals.

PPC on Amazon - Free initial consultation!

Want to get started with Amazon PPC or improve your current performance? Then let’s figure out together what you should do.

We offer full service as well as consulting services according to your needs.

Corporate values

Bei Dype legen wir großen Wert auf transparente Zusammenarbeit. Unsere Kunden sollen verstehen, was wir tun. Deshalb erfolgt zu Beginn einer jeden Zusammenarbeit ein individueller Workshop, in dem unsere Arbeit erklärt und Fragen geklärt werden sollen. 

Wir handeln datengetrieben und schaffen kontinuierliche Feedbackschleifen um neue Daten zu gewinnen und daraus neue Maßnahmen abzuleiten.

So rüsten wir Ihr Amazon-Listing für eine nachhaltig profitable Zukunft.

Team der PPC Agentur für Amazon Dype

Team Dype

Wir lieben es, Unternehmen aus den unterschiedlichsten Branchen zu besseren Rankings und mehr Umsatz auf Amazon zu verhelfen.

Enough reading! Let's scale your brand together 🚀

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Your advantages with Amazon PPC

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  • Increase your brand awareness: Reach millions of Amazon customers and improve your organic rankings through Amazon SEO.
  • Immediately increase sales: In just 48 hours, the first results of the campaign can be seen.
  • Improve your margins: Increased sales at minimal cost per order can significantly increase your margins.
  • Outperform the competition: Your competition reaches one of your potential customers with every sale. You can counteract this with Amazon PPC.
  • Organic SEO rankings: While Google’s search engine is focusing more and more on content, Amazon is primarily concerned with one thing: sales performance. Through PPC you can significantly improve your organic rankings.
  • Customizable: No minimum budget is required. We adjust the budget to your financial planning. PPC ads can be scaled on Amazon depending on performance.

What forms of advertising does Amazon offer?

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads can also be used without a brand registration. Here, either entire categories, products or keywords can be pushed in order to present one’s own listing on the first search results. As an Amazon PPC agency, we have been able to achieve the best results with this form of advertising.

Sponsored Product Ads differentiate between automatic campaigns and targeted keyword or product alignments. Thus, every brand has the choice to use Amazon’s algorithm to generate sales or to be specifically placed under different keywords.

Companies can use Sponsored Product Ads to promote their products on Amazon and display targeted ads to specific customers. They can also set different bids and budgets to optimize the performance of their ads and ensure that their ads match the desired results.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads, sometimes referred to as „Headline Search Ads,“ are advertisements that businesses can use to promote their brand on Amazon. These ads are typically displayed in the form of a logo or brand and can appear on various pages on Amazon, including the search results page and the home page.

Sponsored Brand Ads are a great way for companies to increase their brand awareness on Amazon and get customers to discover their products. These ads typically include a logo or brand, a tagline, and up to three products. When customers click on the ad, they are redirected to the company’s Amazon page or a product page selected by the company.

Sponsored Brand Ads are driven by Amazon Advertising and use a keyword-based bidding process to determine which ads are displayed and at what prices. Businesses can set different bids and budgets to optimize the performance of their ads and ensure they meet the desired results.

Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon Display Ads are ads that are displayed on websites and platforms other than Amazon. These ads are controlled by Amazon Advertising and can be displayed on various websites and platforms, including social media platforms and other e-commerce websites.

Amazon Display Ads are a great way for businesses to promote their products on Amazon outside of the platform and attract new customers. These ads can be displayed in various formats, including image and video ads. They can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as banners on websites or ads on social media.

Businesses can use Amazon Display Ads to promote their products on Amazon and display targeted ads to specific customers. They can also set different bids and budgets to optimize the performance of their ads and ensure that their ads match the desired results.